08 décembre 2008

Important people (IV)

Another important person is the tv presenter.

He is also a very important person for the show.
This person can be a man or a woman.
Generally, the tv presenter is rather beautiful, handsome, good looking. HE-SHe can speak very well. It is important to chose a sympathetic person to present the show.Actually, if viewers don't like this person, they have no pleasure in watching the show and they... don't watch it. And the show is a failure*

There is not one way to become a tv presenter but generally, tv presenters are former* journalists.
You can also become a tv presenter by going to castings!

Very often, tv presenters are very famous, they can be more known than the contestants! It is because they are not eliminated, they remain durign the whole* show, and people can find them in other tv shows. So a tv presenter doesn't present only one tv show, but he can be seen everywhere on tv; this is why tv presenters are very famous!


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