08 décembre 2008

Important people (III)

Contestants are people who participate in a tv show.
Normally there are several contestants at the beginning and in the end, only one contestant remains.

To choose contestants, producers organize castings: many people present themselves, and producers choose people who are going to be in the show.

They choose them according* to several criteria : their qualities, sometimes, their physical appearance, their charisma, their capacity to be fun...

Generally, contestants want to participate because they want to win the show. The prize is often money. And sometimes, some contestants participate because they just want to be on tv, they want to be known, they want to be famous.

The problem is that when the show is over, they are forgotten. Many of them disappear, and they are not famous anymore. To be a contestant can sometimes leads to many disillusions.

There are many reasons why people should want to be on a tv show.What about you? Would you like to be a contestant ?


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