04 décembre 2008

Important people (I)

A very important person is the television producer.

He is the one who controls all aspects of production. He participates in brainstorming sessions to find new ideas, he can attend castings, he decides who he hires to shoot supervision... It is often the producer who is responsible for the show's quality and survivability.

He has a very exciting job, with a lot of responsibilities, but it is also very tiring.

He needs, of course, a lot of money to be able to produce his emission.

He can find money with diverse sponsors and sometimes, rich benefactors. THere are also big societies who can give money: in exchange, the society can show a special product (shoes, bags, clothes...) in the tv show.

The job is very exciting and alos, very competitive. You must show that you are determined.

A tv producer is in contact with a lot  of people. He works with lawyers, writers, camera operators... he coordinates everyone.

The ultimate aim* of a tv producer is to make a great audience, to have good audience ratings. He wants people to watch his show, because he wants his show to be successful!

If his show is successful, then he will be recognized and become famous in the tv world!

It's not easy to be a tv producer because you have to organize many things, work a lot, be imaginative, ...

but it's really fulfilling* !


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